Submission Instructions:

To submit a proposal for seed funding consideration by the SVGS Funding Group, please complete all applicable  fields in the submission form“, which will be downloaded to your pc after you click on the link.  Please complete the form, convert it to pdf, and email it to:     IMPORTANT: The Subject of the email should be: SUBMISSION To SVGS Funding Group.  The Submission Form is in MS Word format for ease of editing.  Please convert it to PDF and mail it as a PDF file.
Please also note that we, probably, will not respond to half-baked or general ideas.  We need to see well formulated and developed ideas with appropriate Business Plans ready for seed funding.

Please do not submit any proprietary information.
SVGS Funding Group Members assume no responsibility to treat any information you submit as proprietary.

Your proposal will be received and viewed by all SVGS Funding Group members.
If a member is interested to “Sponsor” or to investigate further your proposal, he/she will respond to you directly and will also notify the Group that they are working on your proposal.
If there seems to be no interest from any member within a time frame of two weeks, the SVGS Funding Group’s Coordinator will contact you to communicate this information.

Good luck, and thank you for considering the SVGS Funding Group.