George Perlegos

Perlegos, George

George founded Atmel Corporation where he served as the Chairman, President and CEO from 1984 to 2006. Atmel Corporation is a manufacturer of semiconductors. Its focus is on system-level solutions built around flash microcontrollers. Its products include the AVR microcontrollers and its own Atmel AVR and AVR32 architectures, radio frequency (RF) devices, EEPROM and FLASH memory devices. ATMEL serves a number of application-specific segments including consumer, communications, computer networking, industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace, military, and secure systems. George started his carrier at AMI and Intel Corporation as a Design and Device Engineer. At Intel Corporation, he helped invent and develop the NVM (Non Volatile Memory) devices known today as FLASH memories. In 1981 George left Intel and founded SEEQ Technology where he became VP of Engineering. In 1984 he left SEEQ to start Chips and Technology. George received his BSEE degree from San Jose State University and his MSEE degree from Stanford University in 1974 where he continued until 1978 in Postgraduate studies.