Alex Papalexopoulos

Papalexopoulos, Alex – Ph.D.

Alex is a nationally and internationally known energy expert and president and founder of ECCO International, a specialized Energy Consulting Company, which provides consulting and software services worldwide to a wide range of clients such as Governments, Regulators, Utilities, Independent System Operators, Generators, Marketers, Traders and Software vendors. These services are in the areas of industry restructuring, public policy and market analysis, energy market design and implementation, smart grid and renewable energy, power systems operations and real time control. Alex has designed some of the most complex energy markets in the world including North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. Alex is considered an authority and has made substantial contributions in the areas of network grid optimization, energy market design, transmission pricing and real time control functions. Prior to forming ECCO International in 1998, he worked at the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in San Francisco, California where he was Director of the Electricity Restructuring Group. He has published more than 100 hundred papers in refereed scientific journals and conferences and has given numerous invited presentations in leading institutions. He has organized and trained various organizations in the area of energy market design and chaired numerous panels and special sessions in IEEE. He is the 1992 recipient of PG&E’s Wall of Fame Award, the 1996 recipient of IEEE’s First Prize Paper Award and a Fellow of IEEE. Alex received the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Diploma from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.

Alex is also an active investor in startups, clean tech and financial markets. Among his latest seed-investment activities, he is an investor, CEO and Chairman of the Board of ZOME Energy Networks, an energy software company which specializes in the research, development and commercialization of smart grid and demand response management technologies.