Katerina Ioakeimidi

Ioakeimidi, Katerina – Ph.D.

Katerina is the Founder and CTO of Neophos Medical Inc., a startup company that provides photonic solutions for imaging and selective ablation of tissues and she has been involved in several manufacturing startups as part of her family business in Greece. Katerina has more than 15 years of experimental expertise in Photonic Sources and Devices at Stanford University, MIT and at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. During that time Katerina has demonstrated experimental results such as: First CW mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator, highest spin polarization semiconductor photocathode for accelerators, fastest photonic Analog to Digital Converter and non invasive selective ablation of plaque and cancer tissues. Katerina is the head of the technology advisory board at the Hellenic Business Network in San Francisco. She holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and patents on nanofluidic devices and photonic sources for biomedical applications .