There are two types of members:  Core Members, and Affiliate Members.
Membership is free, but only by invitation.  See note below.

Core Members provide funding and/or assume the “Sponsor” role  of a given proposal.
Core Members typically bring extensive experience in technology, entrepreneurship
as well as executive management.

Affiliate Members  bring to the table valuable expertise for the evaluation and due diligence process, and they may provide guidance and direction for the success of the project through their extensive knowledge.  Affiliates may invest in the project if they wish and they may also assume advisory roles within the project if the project management team chooses to develop a working relationship with an affiliate member.  They may receive stock options or other valuable considerations for their contributions.

The “Sponsor“, who could also be the “Lead Investor“, is a member (Core or Affiliate) who takes on the proposal, agrees to shepherd it, performs (or recruits people to perform)  the appropriate evaluation and due diligence, and recruits investors either from within the SVGS Funding Group or from other outside sources.  Usually, the Sponsor, will assume a Board Seat in the start up company representing all the investors he/she recruited.

Membership is free, but must be approved by the Core members in a process conducted by and at the discretion of the “Coordinator” of this group who is a Core Member.